Dasein - an interactive art installation


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Dasein Promo Film

6 mins 20 secs
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HD, 720P, 25FPS
MP4 mp4-dasein-promo-film-720P_h264.mp4 H.264 286MB~ 001.video_mp4-dasein-promo-film-720P_h264.mp4.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:LUMUZBSXNK6F4EDCMQRJPWWFIDKLX2VR
OGV ogg-dasein-promo-film-720P_theora.ogv Theora 198MB~ 001.video_ogg-dasein-promo-film-720P_theora.ogv.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2MBWNTENSZ3VJZ3TCTSAMPCYAUISVFEC
OGV ogg-dasein-promo-film-720P_dirac.torrent Dirac 254MB~ 001.video_ogg-dasein-promo-film-720P_dirac.ogv.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:XJID2XDML2PONULDMII62KOLHYTZDIX6
iPod / iPhone, 270P, 25FPS
MP4 mp4-dasein-promo-film-270P-ipod_h264.mp4 H.264 13.3MB~ 001.video_mp4-dasein-promo-film-270P-ipod_h264.mp4.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:L5SU4KRCUSEWHYMM7D77QCUENVVHJMND

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Eng subtitle-dasein-promo-film-25fps_en-gb.zip SRT 3KB~

We're working on additional translations, if you'd like to help and can translate for us, a text (*.txt) transcript is available here. If you require further accessibility assistance, please contact us.

New Designers DVD

Burnable DVD images available for download.
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Contains the main dasein promo (with english subtitles), a slideshow image gallery, a looping background montage and interactive menus.

You need to download and burn this image to a blank DVD-R in order to play it. You can use either InfraRecorder or ImgBurn (both of which are free!).

For Linux or Mac OS X you can use their built in disk burner utilities.

Original Score

Musician Rik McClure created an original composition for the promotional DVD called 'Being and Time'.

You can download the track in it's entirety below.

Audio available for download.
File Type / Container File Name / Torrent Codec / Quality ~Size Torrent File Magnet Link
AUDIO FILE, 6 minutes 20 seconds, 48000Hz, Stereo
FLAC rik-mcclure-being-and-time.flac Level 5 29.5MB~ 003.audio_rik-mcclure-being-and-time.flac.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ANQFT67HMUWJXNLX7OBGM3RHGKJDUV7A
OGG rik-mcclure-being-and-time.ogg Vorbis, 192kbps cbr 3.73MB~ 003.audio_rik-mcclure-being-and-time.ogg.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5EHLZLWQKAQGAS2IQY3KX4AWGQJ6NYVS
MP3 rik-mcclure-being-and-time.mp3 Lame, 192kbps cbr 8.7MB~ 003.audio_rik-mcclure-being-and-time.mp3.torrent magnet:?xt=urn:btih:BQDHQYNB4AC4D326SW66OQLPZ2M5TPAB

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About the Artist.

James Suret

James Suret is a UK based artist specialising in glass, materials and physical installations.

With many avenues of inspiration what has really caught his attention is the human psyche, how we function and what provokes such intense emotional reactions.

Trying to encapsulate or provoke these reactions is now his major source of drive.

About the Film.

The film was shot specifically for the New Designers showcase in London.

As it wasn't possible to take the full installation, the film was to give the artist a platform to explain his ideas, and also to show some of the physical space within 'dasein'.

The mood and tone of the film tries to capture some of the feelings invoked when travelling through the installation and viewing the projected glass.